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Wizarding World of Harry Potter, USA

Universal Studios USA

We're going to Pigfarts!* Hogwarts!
Gryffindor. Hufflepuff. Slytherin. Ravenclaw. 
Which house is yours?

I did the Pottermore sorting hat quiz ages ago when Pottermore was in it's beta stage. It gave me Slytherin! I was hoping for Ravenclaw but heck, Slytherin is a good one too. Muahahah! 

I was so excited to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. It's on the Adventure Island side of the Universal Studios theme park and it's towards the back. Once you step over the bridge after visiting the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park you already see the snow-capped British-style cottages and the Hogwarts castle.

There's the Ollivander wand store to peek through it's dusty windows and see people discovering their own unique wand. We stood in line to see Ollivander himself find one lucky witch her wand. On the other side of the entrance to this Wizard and Witch realm is the Platform 9 & 3/4's for Hogwarts Express with which Harry and co. would ride back to Hogwarts. 

The #1 thing I was so keen to try was their butterbeers. I've always read the Harry Potter series and imagined in my mind when Hermione, Ron and Harry would be sitting down at the 3 Broomsticks drinking those golden buttery mock-beers. To get to taste it myself was just a pleasure!

Universal makes a frozen version as well as the standard Butterbeer and my first try at this drink was the frozen version has this thick slushy consistency and is icy sweet. The butterbeers sell like liquid gold off carts outside different places as well as at the 3 Broomsticks. Of the two versions, I really liked having the frozen one more especially when it's super hot and humid outside whilst you walk around the attractions such as the Hippogriff coaster.

The Three Broomsticks is a big food hall for those wanting a bite to eat. You order from the quick service counter first with an array of different lunch choices such as rib platters, fish and chips and it wouldn't be Florida without the usual Turkey leg on the menu! (I don't know why, but theme parks like Universal and Disney absolutely LOVE having Turkey Legs on the menu!)

We went for a garden salad with cornish pastries that were filled with ground beef, potatoes and veggies. Then a nice creamy ice-cream to cool off with before we head on over to Zonko's.  

Other interesting varieties include pumpkin juice in a bottle and the chocolate frog - a gigantic choc frog shaped piece with the trading card enclosed. The chocolate is just so huge and heavy! I didn't finish it all at once. We also bought the Bertie's Every Flavour Beans to do a test challenge on ourselves.

The day wouldn't be complete if we didn't step inside the Hogwarts castle ride. I've had the chance to visit this Wizarding world quite a few times during my stay in Florida and most times the castle ride is almost always at such a ridiculously long wait that you're just better off foregoing riding with friends and hopping into the single rider queue. It's a really fun ride and watch out for those Dementors!

Pigfarts* is a reference to the StarKids musical of HP.
 Kudos to anyone who's a fan of their stuff like I am! :D

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