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Little and Friday, Auckland NZ


When I visited Auckland one of the cafes I visited was Little and Friday in Belmont which had quickly become one of my favourite foodie highlights of my trip. 

Little and Friday is named after two things - first off it was created by Kim Evans who had started off as a small business in the residential street off Eversleigh Road that initially was open just on fridays. 

The cafe is now the flagship store that has recently grown in size with next door being developed for an "After Hours eatery" to provide customers with evening cooked meals that can be brought back home for take away. 

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Cowbell 808, Surry Hills NSW


Miss Sunshine takes me on a journey to Cowbell 808 for a casual brunch with the guys over on Bourke Street in Surry Hills.

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Orbit 360° High Tea, NZ


High above the Auckland city in the Sky City Tower is the revolving 360 degree restaurant Orbit which we went for high tea on the weekend I was in Auckland with my girlies Miss Naughty & Miss Giggles.

Seeing a strip of glass below your feet as your go up the thirty-something levels seems unsettling at first but then it develops to feel like a rush. The doors pop open to the main observatory level and we're greeted with panoramic views that showcase the city of Auckland so well.

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Pizza Autentico, NSW

Sponsored Media Post - Photography courtesy Nikki To

Pizza Autentico is a new restaurant over on Brisbane Street in Surry Hills and since reading about this place it's become one of my 'most wanting to visit' places because of it's interesting concept, casual atmosphere and affordability for eating out. 

Do you ever have difficulty during eating out of having to browse through an extensive restaurant menu and then find it hard to decide on what should be your main course let alone dessert?

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