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Cowbell 808, Surry Hills NSW


Miss Sunshine takes me on a journey to Cowbell 808 for a casual brunch with the guys over on Bourke Street in Surry Hills.

How many musicians can you name? Whilst waiting for our brunch we spent our time looking at the wall with 1980s decal magazine prints of celebrities like Madonna, MJ, Prince and many more faces of the 80s and 90s. Behind the barista are more retro pieces of roller-skates and boom boxes.

They have amazing milkshake flavours on hand: the Coconut, Sea Salt Caramel (which is sweet and delish!) and good ol' chocolate. 

I wanted an Iced Coffee for the day and ordered one. When my drink came I was beginning to take pictures off my phone for this blog post which whenever I intend to take pictures via camera or phone I go into a critical "food paparazzi" and often forget my surroundings sometimes. The waiter reminds me of this when he sees me propping up the table to which I stop and he jokingly says "Hey don't tweet it, just eat it!" which reminded me that it's true - sometimes it's better to just enjoy my meal rather than blog it. Often I decide to go "off-duty" from blogging places because I still want to enjoy my experience there and anyways, there is always another time to blog it. (I continue picture-taking anyway.. haha.)

We each order the Sucuk baked eggs for breakfast with labneh, grilled flatbread on the side and 2 free range eggs that have been baked with braised cherry tomatoes with added spice from the Turkish beef sausage slices. 

The vegetarian version of the above was a nice option too; Miss Sunshine enjoyed the fleshy eggplant, 2 free range baked eggs in the same braised cherry tomato base along with grilled flatbread to dip into.

There will be a next time! Because I want to return for the ricotta hotcake stack that I've been seeing reviewed often online. It's got bacon ice-cream! Sounds intriguing...

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