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Little and Friday, Auckland NZ


When I visited Auckland one of the cafes I visited was Little and Friday in Belmont which had quickly become one of my favourite foodie highlights of my trip. 

Little and Friday is named after two things - first off it was created by Kim Evans who had started off as a small business in the residential street off Eversleigh Road that initially was open just on fridays. 

The cafe is now the flagship store that has recently grown in size with next door being developed for an "After Hours eatery" to provide customers with evening cooked meals that can be brought back home for take away. 

The cafe is light and airy with it's colour scheme being simple white and light blue tones. Communal tables are lined up with mason jars of mismatched cutlery, small stools to perch on and light turquoise coffee cups.

During my visit outside the shop there was locals with their dogs, families with their small children in their laps - it's got that friendly, casual feel that locals seem to frequently visit and enjoy a good tucker and cuppa. 

The cafe has a lot of fresh, organically sought ingredients used in it's products with it's own little backyard outside and the barista uses Supreme coffee blend behind the counter. The glass cabinet showcases their wares - gorgeous cupcakes and muffins, freshly squeezed juices and morning baked pastries such as their scrumptious doughnuts which are filled with different jam flavours.

Our lunch consisted of pies and quiches. Miss Naughty and Miss Giggles both decide upon having a pie each - chicken and leek and the bacon and egg pies. I tried the pumpkin and bacon quiche with a nice fresh side of salad.


When you order from the countertop and pay up you're given a quirky red animal as your table number substitute. For us we got the red hippo and horse!

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