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Orbit 360° High Tea, NZ


High above the Auckland city in the Sky City Tower is the revolving 360 degree restaurant Orbit which we went for high tea on the weekend I was in Auckland with my girlies Miss Naughty & Miss Giggles.

Seeing a strip of glass below your feet as your go up the thirty-something levels seems unsettling at first but then it develops to feel like a rush. The doors pop open to the main observatory level and we're greeted with panoramic views that showcase the city of Auckland so well.

From the Orbit level you are 190 metres above ground and the restaurant is at a slow spin which rotates every hour. The ambience has it's modern, classy and relaxed with an a la carte menu as well as High Tea offerings over the weekend for $42 per person.

We sit back and indulge on the Auckland view with our brewed tea provided by Dilmah. This included: Fragrant Jasmine, Berry Sensation, Earl Grey, Orange Fusion and Rose with French Vanilla.

Each table is equipped with a Dilmah sand timer which recommends 2 minutes for White, Oolong or Green Tea infusions, 3 minutes for Black tea varieties and 5 minutes if you're after a good strong black cup of tea.

We started from the bottom and worked our way up the tiers, going from savoury to sweet which proved to be a good strategy plan because it would balance out the sweetness from the cakes.

On the third tier was the savoury quiche consisting of pumpkin, spinach and Puhoi goat's cheese with corn kernels and a sage tuile for garnish. The quiche was warm and comforting at first until you come across the strong goats cheese taste which was a tad bit overpowering for me and was rather unpleasant. The deep fried oxtail fritters covered with a blanket of creamy fresh aioli next to it was a nice meaty addition though.

I needed a quick sugar hit to take away that goat's cheese tang - so I grabbed the kiwi fruit tartlet and the chocolate dipped raspberry macaroon which is just a simple, short and sweet option.

A spoonful serving of cold cured salmon bouche with a refreshing mix of cucumber, lime, lychee and a light mint salsa was next. We each take our spoonful and gulp it down quickly, but not as fast as the person who was bungee jumping from the floor above us as they dive down 192 metres from the pergola every 20 minutes or so.

I got abit greedy and decided to have the Whiskey tart and Opera cake together. Both turned out to be alright - the opera cake a layered coffee sponge with the whiskey tart garnished neatly with a real flower on top. 

Then there's the mini corn beef and sauerkraut burger with ginger ale and watercress mayonnaise. An eatable bite, the burger bun was soft and overall flavoursome. 

I purposely left the lemon tart for last because it's an old favourite of mine! I just love a good citrus tartlet with meringue puffed on top. A good sweet deliverance to finishing off a likewise soothing and ambient High Tea experience. 

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