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Welcome to TeaThymes! is a food and travel blog based in Sydney, Australia. From here you'll get to see some restaurant reviews, food and travel product reviews and the occasional recipes -all matters of food and drink!


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Bills, NSW


Here's a tip: walk up and down Liverpool street for a bit of a workout! I learnt that the hard way after an 8 hour shift of work before deciding "Oh, it's a lovely wintry day to go walk from A to B!"

My rookie mistake - for one, the street is long and hilly. Going up, going down.. but eventually I made it past Bills in Darlinghurst for our morning breakfast treat.

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Tamageta-ya, NSW


It's a little nook and cranny type of place where you could easily walk past it and not know what Tamageta-ya is all about! Walk inside and you'll be treated to a little isolated restaurant that has Japanese cuisine of sushi, gyoza, lunch boxes and ramen on the menu. 

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Mamak, NSW


Before heading off to see the sights of Vivid Sydney before the lights festival had finished up this week we ate a quick dinner over in Haymarket's Mamak restaurant for some Malay cuisine.

The Sydney night weather has become colder as the nights roll by this winter! We brave the chill for Mamak's usual Dinner queue that ALWAYS seems to wrap around the bend every time we pass by this place. I've seen it as being full inside with a line that starts from the door up until it is veering closely into Dixon Street (sometimes) it's that popular.

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