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Bills, NSW


Here's a tip: walk up and down Liverpool street for a bit of a workout! I learnt that the hard way after an 8 hour shift of work before deciding "Oh, it's a lovely wintry day to go walk from A to B!"

My rookie mistake - for one, the street is long and hilly. Going up, going down.. but eventually I made it past Bills in Darlinghurst for our morning breakfast treat.

MsKFlatWhite joins me at Bills on a breezy weekday of the week. There isn't much customers as yet since it's the early morning hours; an asian family of four taking pictures of food and family, an american couple conversing over their morning coffee drinks and two sweet looking Japanese ladies that seems to strike me as tourists.

The waitstaff are a really friendly, out-going team and it shows as people come and go with a friendly-personal vibe amongst staff and possible regulars. 

I start off having an unusual choice of almond milk infused with chai and added honey to taste. A sweet, hot tempered drink that was a great alternative to the usual coffee or tea choice. 

MsK orders her namesake - a flat white. We get our meals; hers being the hearty Aussie breakfast plate of scrambled organic eggs, spinach and rasher of bacon, cumin roasted tomato, miso mushrooms, pork and fennel sausage and a nice chunk of sourdough toast.  

One of the Japanese girls near our table had order the corn fritters and it looked amazing from afar. I tried their fritters; two big corn-padded fritters with roasted tomato, spinach and bacon. A great mixture and had abit of a crunch!

I really enjoyed our breakky. Next time round I think the brioche roll served with a chill fried egg, rocket and a spiced mango chutney from their bakery will be my next contender to try! 

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