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Mamak, NSW


Before heading off to see the sights of Vivid Sydney before the lights festival had finished up this week we ate a quick dinner over in Haymarket's Mamak restaurant for some Malay cuisine.

The Sydney night weather has become colder as the nights roll by this winter! We brave the chill for Mamak's usual Dinner queue that ALWAYS seems to wrap around the bend every time we pass by this place. I've seen it as being full inside with a line that starts from the door up until it is veering closely into Dixon Street (sometimes) it's that popular.

For our night we stood in line around 5:15PM before the line got crazier behind us by their opening time of 5:30PM. There were already perhaps one or two tables before us in line and who knows how long they've been standing at Mamak's door. Mamak was prompt in opening on time however, with a waitperson to crowd control how many tables to be seated at the entrance. 

We sat down and got served real quickly, probably because we were the first few and got down to foodie business. The waitress takes our order of two roti canai, the rojak salad, malaysian national dish 'nasi lemak' and their mee goreng noodle dish.

The Rotai canai came first swiftly, two metal plates with a original fluffy and crisp roti flatbread with two tasty dipping sauces of dahl and curry were great to pick up the sauce with the warmed, hot off the kitchen top roti.

The malaysian rojak salad (pictured above) was probably the highlight to our dinner. A fresh combination of prawn, coconut fritters, fried tofu with hard boiled eggs, freshly shredded bits of yam bean, cucumber sliced along with a tangy peanut sauce proved to be a light and refreshing dish that everyone on the table loved. The prawn crackle was fantastic!

Then we had the nasi lemak with an order of fried chicken. Altogther the combination of a nicely fried chicken with the fragrant coconut rice, hard boiled egg with little anchovies could be mixed up with peanuts and the slightly spicy sambal sauce.

Then there's the mer goring hokkien noodles that have been tossed up in a wok and added up with spices, egg, prawns and fish cake into the mix. 

This is my second time there in a while since queueing up for things is usually what keeps me away, but all in all the dining experience I've had at Mamak has been pleasant. Service is friendly yet also really efficient as they want tables to turn. Try a sweet thing such as a malaysian drink to go with your meal! 

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