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Tamageta-ya, NSW


It's a little nook and cranny type of place where you could easily walk past it and not know what Tamageta-ya is all about! Walk inside and you'll be treated to a little isolated restaurant that has Japanese cuisine of sushi, gyoza, lunch boxes and ramen on the menu. 

Just across is it's neighbour Sushi Samurai - another great Japanese restaurant for bento box lunches and sushi and sashimi plates. Both Sushi Samurai & Tamageta-ya has outdoor seating and indoors Tamageta-ya's booth-style seatings could squeeze maybe 3-4 people per table. I sit down with my brother, Mr. Tickle as we decide to go for ramen noodles and beers tonight for our sibling dinner date. 

To be eating alone with my bro is unheard of - usually we're both busy with study or work commitments so to sit back and be with one another is a rare sight to see. We each have an Asahi beer to chug down. My brother being the cool one, takes a swig or two easily during our conversation whilst we wait for our gyoza dumplings to arrive.

Then our ramen bowls. To me, I felt like the portion was perfect although the ramen bowl seemed huge at first sight! Mr. Tickle ate the Tokyo ramen whilst I had the Miso Ramen. Each ramen was accompanied with chunky soft pieces of pork, corn, bok choy and a slight dash of saffron on top.

Gorgeously plump and succulent pork equals to a happy Sophie. The pieces are soft and flavoursome along with a tasty soup broth.

We share a dessert before leaving Tamageta-ya. A dainty cream puff cut in half with vanilla ice cream inside along with some creamy green tea ice-cream served as a good sweet treat to finish the meal.

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