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AB Hotel's Mad High Tea, NSW


“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."

"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.” 

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.

The AB Hotel is currently hosting a "Mad Hatter High Tea Party" which I was very excited for when I came across the deal because it combined what I love - food and Disney!

AB Hotel is actually a local pub that is divided up into different sections. On the ground level is a casual pub and bistro with a courtyard and gaming centre at the back. It looks like a good old pub to sit back and relax on a casual friday night out with friends. Upstairs is the Pacific Penthouse, climbing up a magnificent staircase to a venue that currently hosts the High Tea parties over the weekends.

The bar is an amazing statement piece for the venue - a long glassed aquarium with living, swimming fish that pass by and a window that looks out to a piece of the Sydney CBD in the distance over a smoker's balcony which no doubt the Caterpillar probably frequents with his hookah.

When we got to our table we could see that perhaps the Mad Hatter himself paid a visit and added touches to the venue. Zany colourful paper lanterns, checkered table cloth and Disney's Alice in Wonderland played on a big screen on a loop to showcase their Alice in Wonderland theme. All that was missing perhaps is the sleeping Dormouse inside the teapot!

Part of the High Tea was a complimentary drink of either tea, coffee or their 'Drink Me' special potion which we got sold on from the minute the guy serving us mentioned it's ingredients. A sugary sweet strawberry and lychee concoction brandished with colourful paper straws and the classic Alice's 'Drink Me' tag.

The drink itself was really delightful but was also quite a wait to be served it. Perhaps it was made on the spot and needed to be mixed? I wasnt watching the bar because my back was turned against it.

To add to this waiting game, Mskflatwhite and I were fortunately caught up over telling each other our current dilemmas and talks on life when we realised it got to a point of 45 minutes and its one of those moments that you start to wonder and are tempted to ask the staff "Sooo... How much longer?"

When it did arrive to us the high tea plates looked quite appetising. Three tiers of sweet and savoury which our waiter explained to us each piece individually.

Proper high tea etiquette for starting up the right way is to begin with the sandwiches first. Savoury pieces include the Cheshire puff, a soft creamy salmon with a puffy casing. The Caterpillar Sliders were miniature beef wagyu burgers with lettuce and cornichons, jarlsberg cheese with a bit of mustard and ketchup. A nice good mini bun with a bit of caramelised onion as well.

Then there's Lizard Bill's baguette - a thinly sliced beef wrapped delicately with asparagus and with cherry tomato served on bread. Uh oh, here's my Disney fangirl showing; but I really LOVE the name for this baguette. Lizard Bill is the roof sweeper in the scene where the White Rabbit comes home to find a 'monster' in his house which is Alice after eating the Eat Me cookies from his desk inside his home. When he calls on for help from Mr. Dodo the Dodo bird he also gets Lizard Bill the chimney sweep to climb up the ladder to 'smoke out' the monster from the White Rabbits house. In short, I just liked how a smaller character has a little bit of culinary fame!

Onwards and upwards! The scones are soft and crumbly and are lathered generously with cream, rose buttercream and strawberry jam along with the red velvet cupcake that screams 'Eat Me!'.

 tick tock, tick tock... 

I think the White Rabbit's pocket watch needs more mustard! Clean cups, clean cups I say! The Mad Hatter would agree with me. Cute lime green pistachio Lindt macarons with faux-edible watch faces make a cute start to our sweet plate. Then it's the Dodo Bird with passionfruit egg. A chocolate egg with a cheesecake filling and passionfruit sauce for the yolk.

Overall the experience made for me personally is mixed. It's a cute concept and looks to be quite a busy spot for the weekend. What I did love was having a nostalgic Disney trip to a local pub and reminiscing about my Disney days that I had had only just a year ago. But the downside of course was the timing for deliverance which for me as a customer despite being on a deal offer should always be much more prompt.

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