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Fusion Cafe, NSW


In Eastwood this modern cafe does a 'east meets west' approach with different dishes on their menu. Fusion Cafe is located in the heart of Eastwood's asian shopping and food locale plus it's broadened it's wings to other location spots such as in Burwood and over at the Entrance serving up Hong Kong "hongkie" food most Hong Kongers or people who have visited HK might appreciate a little taste of home away from home.

The menu is simple yet broad enough to have a variety of different meals to choose from. During lunch time, the elongated dining area of booths on both sides of their room get busy with customers that want a quick, easy and quite cheap feed. 

It's hongkie style consists of the usual Chinese staples - rice, noodles and congee. As with most HK cafes around they often have a 'afternoon/lunch' special where you order a dish and it either comes with a drink and/or dessert. In Fusion if you add $5 to the dish you'd like to order it comes with both; desserts include homemade cheesecake, sago mango pudding or creme brûlée and you can drink a HK style milk tea or coffee. 

We order our dishes to share on our table of five - weekday special vietnamese lemongrass pork chop with rice, halibut & lemon hot pot, hong kong style baked pork chop served in a cheesy tomato sauce and rice, century egg congee with pork fillet pieces, stir fried flat rice noodles with beef and mushroom and lastly, a basket of chips with a deep-fried chicken drumstick.

The procession of food is quite quick for us and within about 10-15 minutes after ordering from 'HAPPY' - that's what her staff name tag says how cute! We had quite an impressive looking spread of food in front of us so after snapping a quick few shots off the phone, we picked up our chopstick and bowls ready to taste!

The warm congee bowl came first. A nice portion of rice porridge that has pieces of pork fillet and century egg (aka 'thousand year old' egg that the Chinese love to add to their dishes where it has been preserved for weeks or months on end) for added taste. It's one of those usual Chinese comfort foods that my family enjoy during a cold wintry night. To my delight this came with a small side of rice cake which is one of my favourites!

From 2:30PM the Afternoon tea menu begins. For eastern dish choices there is the HK style late breakfast option of any two ingredients together: ham, spam, egg, bacon, sausages along with instant noodle bowls and curry fish balls. For western flair the unusual bringing of deep-fried items are on offer - the crispy drumstick with chips (that we tried out. Good crispy chicken with nice taste and a mayo based dipping sauce for the chips) and Morroccan chicken wings. 

 It was a tad disappointing to have had the stir fried flat rice noodles served with a tossing of beef and mushrooms. What could have been a tasty stir fry ended up being quite bland and lack-lustre in taste. Perhaps it was just my taste buds, but in most of the dishes we had I sought out to add salt or pepper for condiments because it just felt in need of something more.

My favourite dish of our meal perhaps was the weekday special of the Vietnamese lemongrass pork chop - it was most flavoursome and ironically - it wasn't Chinese! But the serving was a good, juicy chop with fish sauce and rice.

We also enjoyed sipping on the HK Style milk tea with our lunch. The tea is super smooth and sickly sweet that it's so addictive. This reminds me of when I visit my grandmother in hong kong because she would always give me this sweet milk tea blend to drink, usually hot but it can be served cold too.

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