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Pizza Gio, NSW


Around the world there are some pretty cool (and often crazy) vending machine ideas that have been created. In Australia alone, we can proudly say that we've got ourselves some pretty darn unusual machines of insta-products at the touch of a button.

In Melbourne, you can get $5 helmets for those in need of some new headgear at the Southern Cross Station. In Sydney there's the $20 Havaianas dispensers popping around the CBD shopping centres (i.e.: at the World Square and the Galleries Victoria) for those that probably are in need of thongs. In New York there's the famed Sprinkles cupcakes dispenser machine... What else could be handy and neat to have in vending-box-form?

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Viet Town, NSW


"When one door shuts another door opens..." 

(( It doesn't really have to do with Viet Town, but I just was amused because as Kofoo (it's next door restaurant neighbour) has closed it's doors shortly soon after Viet Town has graciously opened next door! And also.. it has awesome vintage doors. LOL! Okay maybe it's just me too easily amused about doors. Moving forward... ))

It's a brand-sparkling-new Vietnamese restaurant which has just opened up to showcase beautiful Vietnamese dishes. Viet Town is open for lunch and dinner and has a fabulous ambience that just wows. As you step inside you can see the opened kitchen busy at work along side bright colours of green and yellow walls, the vintage house doors structured tastefully along the walls to give you that old homely feel but also have that youthful, trendy edge with vietnamese straw hat lamps and street bicycles. 

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Parlour Burgers, NSW


$10 Burgers and cheap sides. Add a cool beverage to the mix and your set! At the Morrison there are $10 Burgers to be ordered from the bar and some tasty sides to choose from as well. 

Miss Dotty and I each order a burger - the mysterious Black Widow and the Original. Both proved to be worthy choices! Great buns, nice toppings and good chunky beef patties.

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Featured: Sushi around the World


What's a really popular world-wide cuisine to eat? Sushi of course! Here's an amazing little tidbit showing how the humble japanese sushi has revolutionised around the world....

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