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Parlour Burgers, NSW


$10 Burgers and cheap sides. Add a cool beverage to the mix and your set! At the Morrison there are $10 Burgers to be ordered from the bar and some tasty sides to choose from as well. 

Miss Dotty and I each order a burger - the mysterious Black Widow and the Original. Both proved to be worthy choices! Great buns, nice toppings and good chunky beef patties.

It would seem right to start things off with the Original. So, I ordered that burger for myself. It's got a tasty chipotle mayonnaise sauce that's creamy and goes down really well. Their beef burgers can be cooked pink or cooked through on request and the quality of each of them seem to be at a good standard. Fresh, tasty and delivered to you at the table by staff. 

The Black Widow looks amazing on it's own. A charcoal black bun that packs more punch with hot sauce inside. We also bought a side order of cabbage and parmesan slaw to go with our burgers. It's a nice combo of cheese shaved on top of a tangy slaw. Other sides include duck fat chips, deep fried pickles and beer battered onion rings.

The other selections look really interesting to try, namely the Bahji or the Dirty! Till next time.

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