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Pizza Gio, NSW


Around the world there are some pretty cool (and often crazy) vending machine ideas that have been created. In Australia alone, we can proudly say that we've got ourselves some pretty darn unusual machines of insta-products at the touch of a button.

In Melbourne, you can get $5 helmets for those in need of some new headgear at the Southern Cross Station. In Sydney there's the $20 Havaianas dispensers popping around the CBD shopping centres (i.e.: at the World Square and the Galleries Victoria) for those that probably are in need of thongs. In New York there's the famed Sprinkles cupcakes dispenser machine... What else could be handy and neat to have in vending-box-form?

Miss Dotty sent me these pictures during her recent shopping trip in Chatswood Westfield. It's something really different and most definitely a first of it's kind. A vending machine that serves to you, a 11" hot pizza. I was kinda intrigued by this, having not visited it myself as yet - I googled it and find out more!

This new machine is a product from Bondi's Pompei by Giorgio Pompei at $12 each 11" inch pizza is par baked at Pompei's in Bondi before being stored frozen in the machine with two different selections for toppings - either the margherita or the hot salami version. Each pizza takes a couple of minutes to bake on the spot to create the final product - out from the machine it then dispenses from the little tray below. Hey presto! You got yourself an ATM-style pizza.

So... that's an interesting find indeed. Let me know you have tried or want to try this one!

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