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Viet Town, NSW


"When one door shuts another door opens..." 

(( It doesn't really have to do with Viet Town, but I just was amused because as Kofoo (it's next door restaurant neighbour) has closed it's doors shortly soon after Viet Town has graciously opened next door! And also.. it has awesome vintage doors. LOL! Okay maybe it's just me too easily amused about doors. Moving forward... ))

It's a brand-sparkling-new Vietnamese restaurant which has just opened up to showcase beautiful Vietnamese dishes. Viet Town is open for lunch and dinner and has a fabulous ambience that just wows. As you step inside you can see the opened kitchen busy at work along side bright colours of green and yellow walls, the vintage house doors structured tastefully along the walls to give you that old homely feel but also have that youthful, trendy edge with vietnamese straw hat lamps and street bicycles. 

The dining room is mismatched with black and yellow chairs. As we sit down against one of the old doors we admire the prettiness of the place and take a look at what's on for order. We get two dishes for our lunch - the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup of Pho with rare beef slices and the marinade chicken with lemongrass served with rice.

Their pho soup base is tasty and light. Not overly done and served with a good amount of yummy noodles. The beef slices are soft and tender to eat and we are given a nice refreshing plate of mint, sprouts and lemon to add to taste.

The serve lemongrass chicken tasted nice, I enjoyed it's marinade sauce and it came with rice that was moulded as a square when it came with the lemongrass chicken.

Homemade asian drinks are the stuff I love to order at restaurants. In Viet Town, they make sweet longan drinks and the Vietnamese Che Ba Mau - a three coloured jelly bean drink. This one is coconutty and cooling with three types of jellies, palm sugar and red bean with shaved ice. 

Keep those doors open - love this new Vietnamese place!

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