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Ippudo at Central Park, NSW

@ Central Park

Ippudo Sydney is set to open it's noren (i.e. Japanese style-curtain) doors for the grand opening of it's second store within the lower ground level of Central Park in Chippendale on October 2nd, 2014.

Originally from Japan, Ippudo Sydney not only has graced Aussie tastebuds with their rich & flavoursome ramen broths; they have also stretched far and wide to cater across the globe - New York, London, Phillippines, Hong Kong and Singapore to name a few - and this ramen giant continues to grow and grow!  

Since it's opening beginnings a few years back in Sydney, the Ippudo chain is slowly 'revolutionising the era' to provide Japanese cuisine that is often reviewed or mentioned a lot online and in food publications for Sydney local eats and creating or harbouring more than lot of ramen enthusiasts.

Recently I was invited to try out their new Central Park restaurant exclusively on one evening for a media event.  It seems the restaurant has won a great Sydneysider fan base thus far; how could they not? Be it the attractive starters for appetisers to whet your appetite or the tummy warming beautiful tonkotsu style pork broth boiled for hours long over the stove to procure that smooth, milk-like consistency for their generous portioned ramen bowls. Even a little pork bun could do the trick to turn that frown upside down!

I take my friend Grace and we hop on down the Central Park garden escalators towards the open forecourt where Max Brenner, Ribs and Burgers and now Ippudo reside. The logo is brandished in big, white upfront with a wooden doorway to go through.

For starters we saw a plate of seared salmon sushi cross our paths venturing off to another table and thought that looked really nice. So we ordered that to start with! Nicely aburi-style seared salmon pieces wrapped around rice, topped off with a creamy mayonnaise sauce and avocado bits.

The menu is quite varietal of ramen styles. The rich Ippudo secret recipe of their own tonkotsu (pork based) broth is my favourite kind so I go with trying their Akamaru Shinaji ramen which starts with their soup broth as a base with an accompaniment of miso paste and garlic oil to mix. The noodles are super thin and cooked al dente whilst having a slightly chewy texture. Thick slices of pork, black mushroom and shallots finish up the ingredients of this bowl. Ippudo claims this is a 'modern refined' version of the humble ramen.

The staff at Ippudo were really caring to help deliver a great service in telling my friend each ramen dish and what its made of. Grace decided to try their Tori Shoyu ramen which uses a chicken broth base combined with bonito extract, nori (seaweed), leeks and chicken chashu-style slices on top of the noodles.

Have you ever come across eating a bowl of ramen, slurp up all the noodles and ingredients and are left with their soup base and still could eat a bit more? Well here's a refill for you! If you ask for 'kae-dama' at $2 more, it basically means more noodles when you have soup leftover to fill and devour.

Other interesting this off the menu include the Shojin Buddhist-style ramen and the steamed buns. The one thing we didn't get to try but people are loving is the buns! Ippudo make steamed buns with meat for fillings and they look really good to try.

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