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Lid & Jar, NSW


Lid & Jar have opened a second cafe shop in Chatswood, becoming the smaller sibling to it's original shop in Rhodes this month. It's on a prime location with a lofty urban-industrial fitting that overlooks Victoria Avenue and the faux grass square park of the auditorium. 

I haven't been out much lately - you could probably tell, since my last blog post! So on a very early Saturday I decided to shop around for my day off into Chatswood since it's been close to a year and half of not being around that community. I had just finished a graveyard shift the night before and was in need of a good coffee kick and breakfast to begin.

You have to order from the counter firstly which I didn't mind too much since there wasn't too many customers around me. I just felt a little bit awkward standing in front of the counter looking at their breakfast menu for quite some time but there wasn't anyone in front or behind me to make me feel rushed. 

I liked the sound of the handmade oatmeal waffles with maple syrup, pecans and orange with figs to sweeten up my day along with a coffee. After taking that order in I took a seat outside next to the wheelbarrow filled with potted plants. 

Mason jars are everywhere to coincide the whole 'Lid&Jar' theme along with big beams and wooden panelling to make up the cafe aesthetically. It's a two-sided entrance for the shop; on the busy victoria avenue street side is their take-away coffees and fresh pressed juices for sale whilst up top on the higher level is the more laid back and open cafe scene overlooking the forecourt of the auditorium and other restaurants along the side. Fortunately it was a sunny morning so I decided to sit adjacent to the court so I can enjoy people watching with coffee in hand. 

Perhaps I misread when I was ordering but in my mind I was looking forward to those leavened brick-style waffles. I didn't take a photo of the menu or can't find it online to know whether or not it's supposed to be waffle or hot cake, but anyways the 'waffles' in my mind were squashed by two rounded, flat oatmeal hot cakes with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and sweet sticky maple syrup lathered over the stack. It didn't matter much, I was just given the wrong impression from the get-go. The pecans added a bit of a crunch to the otherwise soft oatmeal cakes and the orange and fig slices makes it feel somewhat rustic and upbeat as a pairing. It ended up being good to have - particularly the figs as they are an uncommon fruit to me that I love to eat but always forget about during my grocery trips.

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