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Chi & Co. , NSW


Taking a trip from north to western suburbs is a rarity for me but it is well worth having fun exploring new places! 

Over in Canley Heights Chi & Co. (formerly known as Chi Chi) is a modern asian restaurant and bar with various flavours of thai, malaysian and vietnamese and is served shared/tapaz-style.

The place is awesome in atmosphere once you enter the restaurant. It's all big and daring - a random bright neon sign talking about double raaaaainbows! (that made me laugh) and a long gorgeous white cocktail bar on the side where the kitchen is busily hustling out the goods. On the tabled dining section is bare high ceilings with long wired Edison down lights, the wooden table tops with a wall that showcases a large black and white illustration including the restaurant's pretty namesake.

Us girls start things off the right way - with a few cool drinks. I try the fresh watermelon and strawberry vodka cocktail that is inspired by Black Star Pastry's watermelon cake - hence the drink was called Berry Star Cake. It's super light and refreshing with a lychee marshmallow-like foam cloud on top.

We go over what to eat and wonder what to taste and try. There is a grand selection of choices, either you can do it yourself and go a la carte or just have shared plates amongst your peers. But we go all out and decide to each try the Chi and Co. 'Feast' banquet at $35 per person. This turned out great because it had most of what we wanted to try and more. 

I want to learn how to make this - the thai style 'Son in Law' eggs would be excellent for a good weekend breakky! Fried boiled eggs with a slight gooey centre and a nice dabble of the sticky yet sweet hoisin XO sauce to add some flavour that makes it a typical Thai flavour of sweet yet sour and abit of a chill kick onto the tongue. 

Crispy battered salt and pepper squid came into view and we quickly devoured this one. Nice and tender squid that wasn't dry or chewy. It was good to have alone or with a slight squeeze of lemon for that extra tartness.

Then a serving of the two steamed dumplings - one being made of minced pork and shitake mushrooms and then a seafood with vegetable dumpling both accompanied with a ginger vinegar soy sauce. I didn't particularly enjoy the seafood dim sum as much as I felt the filling inside was quite dry and not as good as the other variant on offer.

The green papaya thai salad with fried salmon was fragrant and possibly the table favourite of the night. Good chunks of seared salmon hidden within the mix-up of papaya and greens that have been stir fried and tossed up in hoisin sauce. 

Things to note is the pretty cocktails at the bar and also that you can sit at the bar too if you wanted something to bite as well as drink. Overall, this warehouse turned restaurant seems to be top notch for the locals!

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