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Garden Grove, FL USA


It was a last minute decision to go have dinner nearby at Walt Disney World's Swan & Dolphin Hotel in Walt Disney World that proved to work a treat. In this somewhat hidden restaurant lies a huge 25-foot oak tree that glimmers with fairy lights and lanterns at night in the middle of the place and some furry Disney friends also make an appearance to your table! Sometimes it's Goofy, Pluto or the Chipmunks' Chip and Dale. 

This is a super easy and casual restaurant and when we went to dine at 8:30PM that night, we really could have just had walked in because it was so quiet on a weeknight instead of using the hotel concierge.

The restaurant is open through-out the day with buffet or a la carte breakfast usually with characters on the weekends, a la carte lunch and buffet-style dinner for the evenings. It was a nice alternative to theme park disney dining rather than going to a resort or park restaurant and having to wait or reserve as well as bump shoulders with other families and kids around you - whilst the characters are a huge win!

For dinner the buffet pertains to the unlimited supply of a fresh salad bar with options to create your own salad in the 'chop it or toss it' salad station with a cast member chef who's around to happily toss or chop up your ingredients together into a bowl with a choosing of a vinaigrette or dressing of your choice. A variation of jars are lined up on either side to offer you additional pickled vegetables and healthier choices are on hand in comparison to outside vendors in the parks that'll offer you fast food or fried meals - I felt like after a week or so of fattier foods, this evening could turn out slightly beneficial!

Unlimited soup and bread rolls with jars of different butter are an additional condiment to have, including an Italian Cabbage vegetable soup which I tried and enjoyed the lightness of the broth-like soup or the Garden Grove house Clam Chowder for a more wholesome and creamier soup.

For your main course there are three alternatives to choose and they range on prices ($29.99-$36.99) depending on what you enjoy most. For our table we each decide upon having the 8-oz Cedar Plank Blackened Salmon - served with sides of mashed potato and broccoli. The "Chef's Vegetarian Creation"that night was a pasta and vegetable dish for the evening and lastly 1/2 organic chicken that had been thyme roasted and served with green beans as well.

Finally we have a dessert station to bring the healthy meal to an unbalance! Beautifully sweet chocolate mousse, raspberry coulis with petite madeleines and moreish little tartlets and cakes to finish off the buffet experience on a sweet note.

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