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Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst, NSW


Everyone who loves ice-cream should know of this namesake by now - and if not, then now you will! Gelato Messina has various stores within Sydney since 2002 beginnings based in Darlinghurst. Now, it's broaden it's reach with places in Pyrmont, Parramatta, Bondi, Surry Hills and over in Melbourne's Fitzroy.

Bespoke and creative food describes their style of ice-cream flair. With a "Creative department" on hand in their HQ I'd imagine these guys in their stripy shirts, their thinking caps on and are constantly delivering new delicious flavours daily and really, they are just are mind blowing mix-ups. Recently Messina posted on their Facebook the 'LITTLE BLOKE - a peanut butter gelato with Malt-o-milk biscuits and Nutella fudge.' which sounds so dreamy already.

In darlinghurst there are two stores back to back - one being the over the counter ice-creamery with tons of flavours including about 40 different flavours from chocolate to the more exotic. Big colourful and extravagant gelato cakes are next door, a large red mushroom or chocolate dome are placed for display in the Dessert Bar where I stopped by to taste their new concept of a DIY Ice-cream sundae.

This is where kids and adults who are pretty much big kids can get into some creative ice-cream action. A spin off to the frozen yogurt craze, Messina has created a soft serve DIY counter where you get to choose the flavours (burnt vanilla, fanta sorbet or a combination of both) at $7.50 each. You choose your sweet poison, then your weapon of choice - either a cup, waffle cone, crepe,  choux puff pastry or a good ol' doughnut.

Toppings aren't the usual things either. You can go crazy (at .80c each topping choice) to make the most zany ice cream product! I choose the raspberry meringues, redskin custard and raspberry jellies to match with the burnt caramel flavoured ice-cream. And voila! I present.. the Sophie sundae.

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