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257 Home, NSW

257 Home Kitchen @ Eastwood

People were lining up in small little packs waiting for a table at this Eastwood Chinese eatery called the 257 Home Kitchen on Rowe Street. There's plenty of hungry customers awaiting a table inside this small place, the kitchen and waitstaff trying their best to meet the quick dinner time demand.

A trendy looking atmosphere; the 257 has wooden tables and white brick walls with black and white motifs and a nice clean "homely" feel that looks like a modern restaurant of any cuisine, not specifically your usual stereotypical Chinese at all.

The staff are quick on their feet and different plates of food keep by-passing our table as we settle down in the middle of the restaurant after they had sought-after a seating point for our family of four. It was an awkward fitting for us, as we were smack right in the middle of the walkway and the seating was myself and Mr. Tickle on both ends, and Mr. Chatterbox and Mrs. Helpful seated on one side.

The table near us were served milk bottles in shiny coloured ice boxes which intrigued us. At first we thought it was iced chocolate, but the waitress informs us it is Hong Kong-style Milk Tea. We order two; it's super milky and tea that's strong in flavour served cutely in a old fashioned milk glass bottle each.

We ordered this barramundi fish for our main course - a sticky sweet and sour fish that has been semi de-boned and deep fried in a fanatical kind of shape. It's quite a signature looking dish and was interesting to pick at it with an accompaniment of pine nuts and peas with the sauce that went simply with some steamed rice. On the far top; our noodle dish that was beef and hokkien-style noodles lightly wok tossed with some shredded veggies.

I absolutely love myself some dumplings so we order ourselves a plate of pan fried pork dumplings that turned out to be soft and inside with just enough of it's own juices to make a soupy broth inside the dumpling that would squirt out when you aren't too careful to manage to eat them strategically. Served piping hot with a sprinkle of sesame seeds, they were gone within minutes once dunked with a dosing of soy sauce with our chopsticks.

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