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Brewtown Newtown, NSW


I can finally say that I've tried a Brewnut. That is.. the Brewtown Newtown's own versions of the Cronut craze. 

Meeting up with MsKFlatwhite and her lovely friend Julianne for a Sunday brunch at Brewtown I get to have my first Brewtown experience. I didn't know what to expect from this - I just knew of it's name, its famed Brewnuts and that it was quite a popular choice for a cup of coffee in the Newtown area.

Brewtown Newtown is in a warehouse turned miniature coffee roastery as well as a boutique up top on the first floor sourced from local artisans and merchants. Focused in being free range, organic and creating a seasonal variety of breakfast and lunch choices with baked goods made fresh on their own premises. Things are looking good!

The display of the Brewnuts are just delicious to look at as well as taste - moist, springy and freshly baked pastries that include the cinnamon glazed Brewnut with jam, passionfruit glazed Brewnut and the "Coffin" - a chocolate lovers morbid love affair of nuts, nutella chocolate just seems to hard not to miss!

With an impressive roastery & coffee brew sourced from Panama, Brewtown Newtown also offers cold drafted coffees as well as espresso coffees of filtered or single origin. I go for an Iced Coffee, the milky swirl of coffee and milk was left for me to combine once it arrived to our table. Julianne orders the breakfast juice which is a combination of kale, apple, cherry and ginger juiced up al-together.

For something savoury however we choose to have the veggie burger, a sesame seeded bun with swiss cheese and beetroot relish with a vegetable patty served with a few sprigs of rocket.

 I tried a toasted sandwich with a spicy salami, fennel and apple on a toasted light rye whilst MsKFlatwhite tries their poached chicken and quinoa salad.

I think the next visitation I'll try either their "Elvis burger" which is made of ground beef with a sliced in half savory brewnut, canadian bacon, gruyere and mayo served with chips and relish which from across from us on a neighbouring table looked mighty impressive on their plate. That and the sounds of a Belgium waffle with orange ricotta and stewed figs.

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