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Jamie's Italian, NSW


"How's everything goin'?" says our delightful British accented waitress as she passes by to check on us whilst we begin to devour our "Plank" - a wooden platter of assorted meats and antipasti settled upon the what could only be the usual 'Jamie' way - rustic-style a la up opened Italian roman tomato cans.

There's silence all-round for our party of five... Either our mouths are full, or we just don't have the words right now to respond and for a good reason because we are just too occupied for a "Yes, it's too good!" moment.

Over in Pitt Street is the rustic Jamie's Italian by Jamie Oliver. Although the famed chef isn't around to buddy up with his customers, their is plenty of well-oiled staff roaming around the bustling restaurant on a Sunday evening.

As a walk-in basis we were quoted roughly 45minutes to an hour's worth of wait for the table. Which we didn't mind and decided to people-watch over the loft-style balcony upstairs with a couple of bevvys. When the pager buzzed we were whisked off to our table - a cute booth hidden away towards the back of house next to the busy (and rather loud) kitchen of chefs that proved to be great entertainment. Loud banter, the occasional swear word flown about and the distinct chef-like flair that only Jamie would probably approve of. 

As a table of hungry five, we got down to the nitty gritty and ordered with our waitress. The plank, a wooden board of Italian prosciutto, Wagyu bresaola, finocchio & artisanal mortadella served on a plank loaded with mini buffalo mozzarella, pecorino & chilli jam, a beautiful selection of pickles, olives & crunchy salad.  

The assortment of the cured meats ends up being a beautiful assortment and the quality of the meat cuts are up to scratch. The table is wowed by this and everything gets quickly gobbled up quite instantly. 

There are daily specials main courses and tonight we tried the two specials one being Gennaro's artisan spaghetti in a cream sauce made with love and salami tossed through with shaved parmesan.

The market fish of the day was pan-seared and served on a bed of zingy potatoes and described to have a 'silky' sauce to go with it. From the looks of it and the pleased friends of mine when it arrived this actually turned out to be a favourite.

It would be an outrage to skip desserts, I say! Absolutely outrageous. So with that in mind, we palm the dessert menu after cradling our main courses in our tummies and take a peek at what we can choose for a sugar rush. 

The Epic Brownie sounded really awesome - really epic but unfortunately the waitress tells us the epic is no more tonight - it was sold out! So tiramisu it was... A spongey base with a bit of spring to it when you dig into it, cream and coffee delightfully placed inside each mouthful. It was served neatly in a tuscan-style rustic bowl but I felt my friend could have benefitted more with perhaps a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go with it. 

Then there's the gorgeous orange and almond tart with a creme fraiche flavoured ice cream dolloped on top as well as the lemon meringue was my choice of sugar-sweet goodness for the night. A thick and fluffy serving of meringue with that nicely punch of citrus tart from the lemon flavouring was exactly what I was after. Served with candied spices, this was an easy slice of pie. 

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