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Christmas & NYE 2016


Dear TeaThymes readers, 

Another year of fun times eating my way across the world and locally at such amazing restaurants and cafes as well as fantastic opportunities for the blog such as features and promotions for you all have came and went with much more planned ahead for 2016.

As 2015 closes here comes another year. I look forward to writing more yummy reviews, and developing and learning more towards As always, I am open to any guest writing content and product reviews, so please leave a message if that interests you for next year!

 I will be on a hiatus from updating until mid-January to early February. 
So for now, enjoy the holidays!

xo, Sophie.

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Billabong Bistro Restaurant, NSW


Venturing off into the western suburbs I came across a local pub for dinner in Merrylands at the Billabong Bistro Restaurant

It's a great spot for the community to come down to watch a game, have some drinks and then something to nibble in the bistro area with some nice bistro-style dishes.

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Part of the Top 50!

TOP FOOD BLOGGERS IN AUSTRALIA was featured as part of the Top 50 Food Bloggers in Australia list for RebatesZone. It is a flattering gesture, I'm happy to be listed on it since Teathymes is just a small pebble in such a big pond so far.

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Trip: Tokyo 2015


I've been quiet for ages, just having spent my time with life as it is and not focusing much onto writing and snapping food shots as feverishly as before. Even during my Tokyo trip recently, looking back it was more of landmarks rather than the food I snapped and have been at a certain writers block whilst trying to maintain a work - life balance.

I went to Japan for the first time with my brother as a sibling vacation - something we hadn't done before! Hotels were sorted in Shinjuku, Shibuya and a brief stint in Kyoto and this asian adventure for the year was a wonderful cultural and foodie experience to have had.

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Catmosphere Cat Cafe, NSW


Wanna take a break from the office? Feel like playing with toys? Well, this is one way to do it! - especially for all your pet friendly, cat lovers out there!

Just along Foveaux street in Surry Hills lies the lazy cats and kittens of the recently launched Catmosphere Cat Cafe that opened its kitty doors earlier on this year in July 2015. This is definitely not quite the usual blog postings that I'd talk about, but since it's a rather new and unique concept of cafe to Australia (not to mention adorable!) I thought to write it down.

I went with Mr. Bump and our friend Lachlan for a 30 minute session to be with the Space Kittens. The place is one of the many old surry hill-type terrace street houses that has been converted to accommodate the business. The kitten viewing room is downstairs near the cafe counter that services as the reception desk and barista counter whilst upstairs is the offices and older cat viewing rooms.
Whilst it does have an entrance fee depending on time and whether its young kittens or older cats, however you choose you often will include a beverage of choice that could be either taken into the kitten viewing room or afterwards which makes it the "cafe" part of the experience giving the customers the offer to drink/eat whilst playing with the animals.

We were told that there was quite a few kittens and young cats in the viewing room and that we were fortunate that we are going to be the last group of the day to visit them on our own. The last couple had just exited the room quite jolly, their smiles and happiness seemed to be beaming from ear to ear at the cuteness. So we got excited for our turn to face the Space themed rooms and all those little kitty cats.

All in all the experience was adorable - and how could it not? Cute, hyper and zippy furry kittens kept leaping, bumping, meowing and nudging themselves onto us and climbing over our legs as we each sat on the floor to interact with the pets.

However I feel that there's still room for improvement as in comparison to trips to other non-affiliated cat cafes in Melbourne and one of the cat cafes in Tokyo from recent travels I felt like my first experience of Catmosphere was great but at the same time a few things may need to be tweaked. I love the concept and experience on it's own and the great initiative for rescue and adoption for the animals but I was also bit concerned on a few things. Some kittens in the small viewing room seemed overly skittish and I wondered if they offer their animals a rotation like Japan did for their cats to avoid over-exposing the animals to constant human touch. Despite this, as a previous cat owner myself I quite enjoyed spending time playing with the animals because currently I cannot have a pet of my own again and it made me miss having a little furry butt in the household. 10/10 would come back for the sits and pats alone.

Catmosphere Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Kent Street Kitchen @ The Langham Hotel Sydney, NSW


You'll be noticing soon enough that I am on a frequent hotel staycation in the next few posts. I have been fortunate enough to be submersed into the hotel food life lately including this new hotel crush of mine for Sydney's Langham Hotel over on Kent Street. Yes, I have a "hotel crush" - I admit it. My cheeks are turning pink at the thought - just like the signature rosy-pale pink branding of Langham's elegant label. The luxuriously chic furniture, pet-friendly vibe and did I mention the Wedgewood high tea service yet? *Swoons*

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Local Mbassy, NSW


You may have heard of the place or seen their visually pleasing red velvet pancakes that has had a sudden spike online. This comes from a place called Local MBassy, a new old school corner coffee shop opposite the Wentworth park along Wattle Street, Ultimo.

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Chocolate High Tea @ Swissotel Sydney


At Swissotel Sydney

What a awkward week of weather we have had. First it was a promising start to spring, the days were warm and the clouds in the sky a scattered white and blue. However the past few days now have been more of dreary winter feels - darker clouds, strong rain and winds. Confusing!

Let us take refuge in the classy Swissotel Sydney instead for a chocolate high tea. When we went for the first time we were in awe of the high ceiling atrium lobby and the laid back lounge chairs. Our high tea came with two delicious beverages - one hot, one cold just like our confusing Sydney weather.

The icy baileys cocktail was addicitively sweet and chilled with broken bits of ice cubes. It's milky and strong in the liquer, whilst the hot chocolate shot was it's wing man for having that warmer and thicker consistency which our waiter mentioned something along the lines that it had a dash of cornflour(?) to make it a tad bit thicker.

Then came the tiers of sweet and savouries. Being more of a sweet tooth, I started to nibble on the sweeter things first. Cheesecakes, choc-caramel tartlets and eclairs were on the cake tier.

Petit rolls of savouries were placed on the other and it wasn't much of an impression for me. I mostly just enjoyed the salmon baguette from them all.

And of course, the traditional scones with cream and jam. Warmed up chocolate-chip scones that were crumbly to the touch and slathered generously with its accompaniments.

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Yang San Park, NSW


Korean BBQ is so good especially when it's winter in the evening and you want something warm and in need of a good ol' B-B-Q.

We try the Yang San Park for the first time. A busy restaurant situated on the corner of Dixon Street and Harbour Street that is often quite busy with a lot of tables being turned over. And now I know why, because sitting there with my parents Mr. Chatterbox and Mrs. Helpful we are prompted with such a unique service we haven't seen/had for K-BBQ in a long while.

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Trip: Leura & Katoomba


After working about so many days straight in a row after a while you just want to zone out and obtain some tranquility away from all the interactions that come across your busy day.

Mr. Bump and I planned a spontaneous overnight trip to the countryside and took the city train outbound by CityRail which took 2 hours each way but was a little bit scenic itself, going through suburbs I've only vaguely heard of growing up once we skimmed by Strathfield, Parramatta then came Penrith, Emu Plains, and then all stations up the Blue Mountains where everything to me felt like I was crossing unknown territories.

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Pishon Patisserie, NSW


Venturing inside the recently refurbed Chatswood train station theres a lot of new eateries to choose from upstairs in The District - a mega huge food court with some interesting asian varietals to choose for your lunch or dinner meals. Then take a level down and you'll find the loveable Pishon Patisserie, a Korean cafe/patisserie adorned with quaint wooden furniture and adorable drinks and sweets on display.

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Nonna Maria's Place, NSW


The nights have turned so cold lately, so it was warming to take refuge on a cool evening at Nonna Maria's Place at 56 Phillip Street in Parramatta that one time ( the rare full moon) that I decide to venture forth to try someplace new out of my usual city locations.

Old school, traditional and home-made authentic Italian cuisine is what comes to mind once you find yourself seated inside Nonna's, a welcoming quaint little place with red and white checkered cloth tables, old Italian wine bottle candle sticks whilst serving up home style meals that just makes it feel even more like something Nonna would make for you. 

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Aqua S Ice Cream Parlour, NSW


Lately I've been accumulating a Aqua S habit - especially when i'm walking in Town and happen to know I can stop by Regent Place along George Street to have a sneek-peak and potentially buy their latest flavour creation.

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Mekong Baby, NZ

Auckland, New Zealand

It's been a while and things have been going a miss - lots of new eats, yet I haven't had the time to sit down and write about it for a few months. Mostly because new circumstances have come into light for life which has been made for the better! 

But here's Mekong Baby, an elegantly swish South Eastern Asian restaurant and bar from Ponsonby in Auckland, New Zealand. Serving up authentic yet modern Asian infused cuisine, this little gem of a restaurant has plenty of visually stunning and also tastebud pleasing bits and pieces to order off the menu. 

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Feature: CNY Lunar Markets Festival 2015

Chinese New Year Lunar Markets 2015

Let the chinese new year festivities begin! Here's a fun and fantastic way to celebrate during February 12-22 (it starts as of today!) over in Pyrmont Park Bay.

This event is run by Sydney Morning Herald at The Star Lunar Markets* this year will showcase Asian culture and entertainment for you to enjoy with more than 20 pop up food market stalls to delight you and bring in the prosperous new year. 

The line-up for the markets look amazing - here's their Market Menu at a glance. 

Remember: Chinese New Year - February 19th, 2015

* has no affiliation whatsoever, this is purely for recommendation :)

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Feature: Taste of Sydney 2015


It's nearly that time of the year again when one of the biggest, outdoor food festivals comes back to town in Centennial Park!

Taste of Sydney is a great foodie experience where you can sample wines and taste your way through some fantastic selections of Sydney's latest, greatest and hottest restaurants.

Restaurant line-up has just been announced and from my previous visitations they never disappoint! It's a fantastic day to bring out friends and family and try all the different types of food and drink that Taste of Sydney will have on offer!

Along the day there are plenty of things to see, eat and do - including the interactive Chef's Skillery run by SBS' Feast Magazine that will be hosted by your favourite local chefs, Lurpak Cookery School for all those who want to brush up on their cooking or perhaps take a seat and watch live demonstrations of chefs bringing and plating up great kitchen foodie tips and ideas straight from the Taste Kitchen.

If that doesn't tickle your tastebuds yet then this will! is delighted to collaborate and offer a lucky entrant the chance for a pair of admission tickets to attend Taste of Sydney that will be held on the 12-15th of March, 2015.


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Man O'War Tasting Room, NZ

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Visiting Waiheke Island is probably an absolute must experience if you ever have the chance and time to travel to New Zealand. The beauty of this island just speaks for itself - rolling hills, beautiful shores - within just a simple ferry trip away from the Auckland city docks your taken to a magical isle. The attractions include retreats and resorts, wineries, pristine beach and coasts, art galleries or for the sporty types out there - how about a round of archery or horse back riding?

I'm not much for the outdoorsy and was quite happy to venture off the beaten track (literally, the uneven earthy road we drove on was so shaky we could feel the car vibrations) up and down hills towards the Man O'War Vineyards which is a winery rich in heritage dating back to 1769.

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Mosaic Restaurant, NSW

@ The Westin Sydney Hotel

The Westin Sydney hotel is like a hidden gem within the hustle bustle of the Martin Place CBD area. You'd walk past that old GPO building from the outside and not realise that inside this exquisite exterior has a big hotel, restaurants and bars along with businesses and lovely boutiques to wander in.

We walk through the lobby to be welcomed by a clean, sleek and modern hotel feel which contrasts so distinctively against that old heritage side. It's all a buzz downstairs on a casual Sunday evening, the bar in the corner having most noise from people chit-chattering over their lavish drinks. 

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Strawberry Gardens, NZ

Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens
Auckland, New Zealand

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Auckland, New Zealand for the second time within two years to visit my kiwi mates and to enjoy the Kiwi summer heat. One of the highlights was definitely going out one sunny day to the Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens to hand-pick our own strawberries (and much to my dismay; sun burn on my shoulders from it!)

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MQ Fusion, NSW

MQ Fusion

On a rare shopping trip over to Macquarie Centre the other day, we decided to have a quick bowl of noodles before our major shopping haul of H&M and Forever 21 (both are newly imported big branded stores making their marks in Aussie shores) in the centre. Just like the restaurant name suggests, the MQ Fusion provides quick and easy plates of various asian influenced dishes (predominately thai or vietnamese) in the restaurant section of the shopping centre.

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The Soda Factory, NSW


It's absolutely surprising when you find the actual entrance to this place and like me, you double-take on how you've just gone through a bright cartoony hot dog parlour facade and transported into a darker, lofty looking warehouse bar with live music on one side. This bar is slick black with high top tables and lounges in an industrial building turned bare to create this modern mo-town feel. 

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