Mosaic Restaurant, NSW

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@ The Westin Sydney Hotel

The Westin Sydney hotel is like a hidden gem within the hustle bustle of the Martin Place CBD area. You'd walk past that old GPO building from the outside and not realise that inside this exquisite exterior has a big hotel, restaurants and bars along with businesses and lovely boutiques to wander in.

We walk through the lobby to be welcomed by a clean, sleek and modern hotel feel which contrasts so distinctively against that old heritage side. It's all a buzz downstairs on a casual Sunday evening, the bar in the corner having most noise from people chit-chattering over their lavish drinks. 

Strawberry Gardens, NZ

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Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens
Auckland, New Zealand

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Auckland, New Zealand for the second time within two years to visit my kiwi mates and to enjoy the Kiwi summer heat. One of the highlights was definitely going out one sunny day to the Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens to hand-pick our own strawberries (and much to my dismay; sun burn on my shoulders from it!)

MQ Fusion, NSW

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MQ Fusion

On a rare shopping trip over to Macquarie Centre the other day, we decided to have a quick bowl of noodles before our major shopping haul of H&M and Forever 21 (both are newly imported big branded stores making their marks in Aussie shores) in the centre. Just like the restaurant name suggests, the MQ Fusion provides quick and easy plates of various asian influenced dishes (predominately thai or vietnamese) in the restaurant section of the shopping centre.

The Soda Factory, NSW

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It's absolutely surprising when you find the actual entrance to this place and like me, you double-take on how you've just gone through a bright cartoony hot dog parlour facade and transported into a darker, lofty looking warehouse bar with live music on one side. This bar is slick black with high top tables and lounges in an industrial building turned bare to create this modern mo-town feel. 

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