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Mosaic Restaurant, NSW

@ The Westin Sydney Hotel

The Westin Sydney hotel is like a hidden gem within the hustle bustle of the Martin Place CBD area. You'd walk past that old GPO building from the outside and not realise that inside this exquisite exterior has a big hotel, restaurants and bars along with businesses and lovely boutiques to wander in.

We walk through the lobby to be welcomed by a clean, sleek and modern hotel feel which contrasts so distinctively against that old heritage side. It's all a buzz downstairs on a casual Sunday evening, the bar in the corner having most noise from people chit-chattering over their lavish drinks. 

We take a lift up to the Mosaic Restaurant with a booking for my father's birthday dinner. It's the whole family affair! Mr. Chatterbox (aka Dad), Mrs. Helpful (Mum) and even the little bro Mr. Tickle are with me.

The hotel's own restaurant that is open-spaced to enhance the beauty of their structure. If you peer over you can see the atrium below and above is this looming bell clock that chimes every so often. 

Tonight dad lives up to his namesake as per usual - talking with the staff and being his usual chatty self! We order sangria for the ladies of the table - a sweet, fruity concoction of apple, strawberry, grapefruit and at $5 a drink it's pretty neat. The boys each take a Peroni beer and we glance over our dinner menu for the night.

To start we have the appetisers of kalamata olives and a selection of Sonoma artisan sourdough bread with butter, balsamic and olive oil for accompaniment.

For a sunday, the place is super quiet. We have most of the restaurant to ourselves and the atmosphere is really relaxed. The staff are attentive and friendly to our needs all through out.

Entrees began to swing by like a percussion of sorts. The birthday boy, Mr. Chatterbox and Mr. Tickle ordered the Soup of the Day - a warningly delicious looking Pumpkin soup drizzled with a light olive oil circling on top and served with croutons for that added crunch. 

Mrs. Helpful has wisely chosen their scallops that are plump and tasty served with tarragon tempura, onion soubise and pancetta. 

My colourful plate of the smoked duck breast is visually pleasing as well as in taste! The sweet, tender pieces of smoked duck are super soft and cooked perfectly and goes so very well with the more tart apricot fruit and pecans. 

Our mains took a while to arrive but when it did we were equally pleased. The special of the night was a braised beef cheek which Mr. Chatterbox enjoyed. The meaty wagyu sirloin underneath a bed of green beans, roasted almonds proved to be a thumbs up from Mr. Tickle. Mrs. Helpful and I each had the salmon with wakame and young assortment of steamed vegetables which we both quite liked too.

Time for dessert! It wouldn't be a birthday without the entire staff team up and serenade my dad in song with the Happy Birthday tune whilst serving him his poached pear with amaretto and frangipane.

Rum and Raison, Tiramisu and Chocolate was a triple threat of decadence for Mr. Tickles' ice cream trilogy. Mrs. Helpful's mousse-like blueberry semi-fredo turned out to look extra cute and sweet in flavour. And for me, the rich dark chocolate pudding with walnut ice cream and pear.

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