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The Soda Factory, NSW


It's absolutely surprising when you find the actual entrance to this place and like me, you double-take on how you've just gone through a bright cartoony hot dog parlour facade and transported into a darker, lofty looking warehouse bar with live music on one side. This bar is slick black with high top tables and lounges in an industrial building turned bare to create this modern mo-town feel. 

I say "Motown" purposely because that night we went The Soda Factory had a special event for Movember back in 2014. It was a night which they encouraged staff and customers to bring out their mo's for charity. Purchased food would then minus a few bucks as proceeds towards the cause. Ladies with stick-on mo's, men with real or fake - it was all dressed up for the occasion!

Fortunately I booked a table for me and my friend Courtney that night and we were seated in a corner near to the lounge area and with a neat view of the stage as they did covers of Mo-town singers as a tribute to the night. Vinyl discs propped up on tables are their way of saying "Hey, this table is reserved" and chalked out with the details. A really nice touch to the table decor.

Their menu for nibbling on is American diner flair with a great personality for their food names. How about ordering The Alcapone? A gourmet hot dog with mozzarella, italian sausage with olive and marinara sauce and basil. Or perhaps the good ol' southern style deep fried chicken might get you into a finger lickin' good mood too.

To start with drinks, we order ourselves some cocktails to begin. I go for the Winnie's Honey Delight which comprises of pampero Rum, honey and ginger syrup, shaken with a splash of fresh apple inside a mason jar.

We order some nibbles for our table and felt it was time for some sweet potato fries and Uncle Bud's popcorn shrimp. The "popcorn" bits are actually shrimp that was served in neat little bit size bits and covered with a spicy sesame sauce.

Courtney goes for the 6 hour slow cooked pulled pork burger with coleslaw and fries. This is a mean chunky burger with a good sesame bun, slaw in tact and some barbecue lathered pork shreds that is messy work but deliciously worth the effort to dig into. 

As for my choice of hot dog, the Johnny Drama is described like your "skating down santa monica with your entourage" - lots of flavours are involved, the beef frankfurter being the main attention all wrapped up with bacon, a creamy avocado and sour cream dress and tomato salsa to liven things up in a plush hot dog bun.

The one thing I want to try next time would be their Chicken and Waffles! Yes, you read that right. Deep fried chicken and waffles. It's an interesting combo is probably going to make you feel like it's a heart attack just waiting to happen - but oh my gosh, it'll be fatty goodness on a plate for sure.. butter and maple syrup provided. I've had the real stuff in the US last year so let's try this local one out next!

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