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Man O'War Tasting Room, NZ

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Visiting Waiheke Island is probably an absolute must experience if you ever have the chance and time to travel to New Zealand. The beauty of this island just speaks for itself - rolling hills, beautiful shores - within just a simple ferry trip away from the Auckland city docks your taken to a magical isle. The attractions include retreats and resorts, wineries, pristine beach and coasts, art galleries or for the sporty types out there - how about a round of archery or horse back riding?

I'm not much for the outdoorsy and was quite happy to venture off the beaten track (literally, the uneven earthy road we drove on was so shaky we could feel the car vibrations) up and down hills towards the Man O'War Vineyards which is a winery rich in heritage dating back to 1769.

The Tasting Room is a quaint place situated across a small little bay area aptly named 'Man O'War Bay' which on the afternoon we arrived to visit the Tasting Room the small shoreline was occupied by a few families wading in the water and windsurfers gliding with ease along the bay.

The Man O'War wine selections are made of the concept of Old vs. New. Practices of their old heritage are incorporated with the new world of today to bring us a diverse and tangible collection divided between their 'Flagship' and 'Estate' ranges.

We walk inside to taste a few of the estates wine of Man O'War and they're all so beautiful we took a while to decide which we wanted to drink and kick back on their verandah to sip upon. Eventually after a few sips of sampling from the bar -a gorgeously defined Kauri (Maori originated cedar wood) bar - we chose their Tulia Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine.

Tulia Blanc de Blanc is the champagne named lovingly after the mother's native tongue and granddaughter. The bubbles softly pop along our champagne flute glasses as we sit lazily outside their front porch and enjoy what's in front of us - lush green lawn with picnic tables, families and tourists grazing on share plates of locally sourced olive and cheeses paired delightfully with their wines on a summer's day overlooking the bay.

It's a wonderful blanc de blanc with a subtle hint of fruit sourced from various harvests from Chardonny vineyards - the tasting notes are described of white peach, green apple, walnut and citrus along with an oak complexity.

The Tasting Room is open seven days a week seasonally. For Summer they are available from 11am - 6pm and Winter months are 11am until 4:30pm**

*Sophie visited the vineyards at her own expense.
**Trading hours subject to change, please see their website below.

Man O'War Vineyards Website

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