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Mekong Baby, NZ

Auckland, New Zealand

It's been a while and things have been going a miss - lots of new eats, yet I haven't had the time to sit down and write about it for a few months. Mostly because new circumstances have come into light for life which has been made for the better! 

But here's Mekong Baby, an elegantly swish South Eastern Asian restaurant and bar from Ponsonby in Auckland, New Zealand. Serving up authentic yet modern Asian infused cuisine, this little gem of a restaurant has plenty of visually stunning and also tastebud pleasing bits and pieces to order off the menu. 

As a party of five, we were seated towards the rear of their open kitchen to indulge in our senses with hearing, smell and seeing what's going on - and there's lots of action; the crackle noises of the woks being pressed against the hot flames of the stove, the loud concise chopping from expertly wielded chefs using their knives to dice up ingredients as they prep for a busy evening; as well as the medley of staff that is swarming in and out of the kitchen area into the service quarters with plates that pass us by with an increasing curiosity on what to have tonight.

The best way we find is to do the sharing plates for the table and in order try everything. With this mutually agreed, we then ordered heaps of plates from their 'Small Beginnings' (smaller share plates) and 'Little Bigger' menu selections and went around the table choosing one or two preferred items each.

From the small beginnings we venture off for a taste of Mekong in choosing their Vietnamese pork rolls with hoisin sauce. A chunky serve of freshly rolled pork rolls wrapped, sliced in half and visually it looks amazing - great wads of produce inside all combined to make a yummy start to the dinner. It was then accompanied with a Vietnamese favourite of work-fried tossed squid that was soft and tender to bite into and served with that tangy Nuoc Cham dipping sauce and vietnamese mint for garnish.

Things were getting pretty hot and spicy without even a dabble of the big bottle of Sriracha added when our chicken hot wings plate arrived! With the added gochujang chipotle coating to give us that extra spicy zing, our mouths were on fire and just keeping us feeling like "It tastes so good, but it's so spicy!" at the same time.

Then arrives the bigger share plates of noms noms - meaty meals of 300grams black angus sirloin that has been grilled and served with eggplant plus an additional spiced up sauce. As well as their roasted duck with cucumber, lychees and red nam jim become a quick feverish intake of aromatic flavoursome bites.

Then possibly everyone's usual favourite meaty plate of the night - the braised pork belly with caramelised chill and soy, topped off with an asian slaw. Decadent pieces of pork belly that was quickly devoured by us all. 

Then the Happy Endings... woah!

Desserts, people. The good stuff. We couldn't decide which one to have so we ordered all three to share around. Sharing the love, I suppose - haha! So here we had the medley of a passionfruit & vanilla bean Trifle with Thai whiskey infusion, their warming apple & walnut tart and finally the sticky-sweet black rice pudding with a side of caramelised banana and scoop of quick to become melted coconut ice cream on top.

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