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Aqua S Ice Cream Parlour, NSW


Lately I've been accumulating a Aqua S habit - especially when i'm walking in Town and happen to know I can stop by Regent Place along George Street to have a sneek-peak and potentially buy their latest flavour creation.

So here's a few of their recent works - Aqua S, an ice-cream parlour that has been serving the social media with whispy, soft white ice cream clouds of sweet sugary goodness has been delivering to the city folks some interesting soft serve flavours. Their original and permanent flavour goes to the humble Sea Salt, a light blue soft serve that can be combined with their rotating mystery flavours of the moment or licked up on it's own in a black wafer cone or cup.  I've brought a couple of friends along to this place and it's really each to your own - some love the unusual sea-salty taste whilst some not so much and would rather hit up the usual ice cream parlour flavours.

The consistency of their ice cream so far on my experience has always been pleasant. No icy flakes and just good creamy twirls of softly hued colours. People come out of the blue themed parlour with huge Cotton Candy clouded cones that have been twirled by the ice cream vending staff with wacky add-ons such was pocky sticks with grilled marshmallows and caramel popcorn.

This week is the exotic asian black sesame and lychee which I am yet to stop over and try. More adventurous flavours of the past worth mentioning that I've seen online are the Tomato, Tiramisu or Tofu. 

Wonder what the next mystery ice-cream flavour will be!

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