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Yang San Park, NSW


Korean BBQ is so good especially when it's winter in the evening and you want something warm and in need of a good ol' B-B-Q.

We try the Yang San Park for the first time. A busy restaurant situated on the corner of Dixon Street and Harbour Street that is often quite busy with a lot of tables being turned over. And now I know why, because sitting there with my parents Mr. Chatterbox and Mrs. Helpful we are prompted with such a unique service we haven't seen/had for K-BBQ in a long while.

The staff are on the ball and focused on everything from placing the order, replenishing the side order plates with out being asked to and fixing up your meats before you can even dare try and pick up the communal scissors. They are constantly snipping away and you can tell they're coming with the loud click clack their tongs and scissors make whilst they walk around the tables. It seems like a habitual thing that the waiters do whilst they roam the room, poking at the meat sitting tenderly over the little hot fire in front of you and feverishly cutting them into shareable pieces and coming back (often not always the same waiter) to toss, flip or cut some more pieces.

We order three different meats which some were marinated already and served raw to cook. Then the bounty of the usual Korean side dishes came in tow - kim chi, potato mash,  pickled radish, bean sprouts and we also ordered the Steamed Egg and a Soft Tofu Chilli Pot to share.

So yes, we were impressed by the swift service and constant monitoring of the staff. Almost about 10-15 times, the grill was replaced with another and the food kept at a constant. The only thing perhaps was that with their efficiency, you often felt a little bit rushed and compelled to eat everything to keep up with their pace in comparison to other places where you are left on your own to fend yourselves with the chopsticks and scissors to cut at your own pace. 

The steamed egg dish was served super hot and wonderfully gooey. The egg went well on it's own or with plain white rice in our mouths. Then the equally scalding soft tofu chilli pot came into place - a combination of ingredients in the hot bowl with that added chilli kick.

Other than that, a short stroll (or in our case, roll from the full belly!) towards either Meet Fresh or N2 Gelato and the night is set.

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