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Chocolate High Tea @ Swissotel Sydney


At Swissotel Sydney

What a awkward week of weather we have had. First it was a promising start to spring, the days were warm and the clouds in the sky a scattered white and blue. However the past few days now have been more of dreary winter feels - darker clouds, strong rain and winds. Confusing!

Let us take refuge in the classy Swissotel Sydney instead for a chocolate high tea. When we went for the first time we were in awe of the high ceiling atrium lobby and the laid back lounge chairs. Our high tea came with two delicious beverages - one hot, one cold just like our confusing Sydney weather.

The icy baileys cocktail was addicitively sweet and chilled with broken bits of ice cubes. It's milky and strong in the liquer, whilst the hot chocolate shot was it's wing man for having that warmer and thicker consistency which our waiter mentioned something along the lines that it had a dash of cornflour(?) to make it a tad bit thicker.

Then came the tiers of sweet and savouries. Being more of a sweet tooth, I started to nibble on the sweeter things first. Cheesecakes, choc-caramel tartlets and eclairs were on the cake tier.

Petit rolls of savouries were placed on the other and it wasn't much of an impression for me. I mostly just enjoyed the salmon baguette from them all.

And of course, the traditional scones with cream and jam. Warmed up chocolate-chip scones that were crumbly to the touch and slathered generously with its accompaniments.


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