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Kent Street Kitchen @ The Langham Hotel Sydney, NSW


You'll be noticing soon enough that I am on a frequent hotel staycation in the next few posts. I have been fortunate enough to be submersed into the hotel food life lately including this new hotel crush of mine for Sydney's Langham Hotel over on Kent Street. Yes, I have a "hotel crush" - I admit it. My cheeks are turning pink at the thought - just like the signature rosy-pale pink branding of Langham's elegant label. The luxuriously chic furniture, pet-friendly vibe and did I mention the Wedgewood high tea service yet? *Swoons*

We were a tad bit late, but as the saying goes we were "fashionably late" to our lazy day off brunch at the Langham's lavish Kent Street Kitchen breakfast buffet. This was one of those nifty voucher purchases that MsKFlatWhite & I decided to redeem before we forget. 

It must be a signature touch to have their doorman (or in that days' case, door-woman!) greet you warmly by opening and closing the doors from the beginning you set foot in the lobby and for when you leave this blissful place. She was pleasant and escorted me up in a faux-pale pink Coco Chanel suit and heels towards the restaurant before politely excusing herself back to the main entrance.

In contrast to Miss Langham's elegance, here we are in our own lady dresses and sandals with big bags and sunglasses on our heads feeling like we didn't quite match up with the decor. As we settled down with coffees conjured up by their own barista, we were then set to devour our morning breakky.

The buffet line is sufficiently lined up into different stations. On the chef's table (often set up for actual table service dining on different occasions, otherwise used as their pastries and continental line -up) the selection is quite vast and acceptable - some great dietary options like gluten-free or dairy-free and fruit/nut varieties for those inclined.

Then theres the hot buffet bain-marie's of soft frittatas, bacon and hash browns, button sautéed mushrooms and those nice extra crispy stripes of bacon for the eggs. Anything else, you can ask the waitperson to order from their convenient made-to-order menu which includes omelettes, eggs benedict and pancakes.

We ordered off the menu and dwelled upon the pancakes served with fresh berries, maple syrup and cream whilst also sharing a eggs benedict. The pancakes were gorgeously made with adorable display - I just simply loved the plates & cutlery (Wedgewood supplied Langham with their plates) and loved the way they plated the breakfast pancakes presentation.

It was a beautiful Australian buffet and offered a great fresh variety of breakky items. Quite impressed, definitely wanting to try their elegant high tea in the afternoon next time.

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