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Supercows Ice Cream, NSW

Lately I have been fascinated with the thai style ice cream roll. Have you ever seen the circulated social media videos where its from overseas and you get to watch people create unusual, amazing hawker treats that are hard to go by? I recall seeing a turkish guy pulling caramel expertly in one and also there was another of a guy injecting coloured gelatine into clear jelly to create a amazing floral 3-D effect. 

Then one day I watched the thai street vender create the cold stone thai ice cream in a media video. It was just a couple of minutes of a zoomed in shoot of a cold plate with liquid and sweet ingredients that was being quickly smooched altogether and frozen in the process to create a personalised iced cream mixture that was then 'rolled up' when it hardened and served in a cup. I tell you, I was so fascinated and went for DAYS thinking about it and trying to find out whether this trend has hit Sydney yet. 

Eventually in Thai Town along Pitt Street I did find one! How excited I was. It's just a small vendor that is outside the 3 Mama's Thai Restaurant on Pitt that serves street side the quick and novelty thai style cold stone ice cream rolls under the name of Supercows Ice Cream.

With cups at $7-8 you get to either choose to pick your own flavour and ingredient toppings or just simply make it easy and go for a pre-flavoured ice cream from their short menu of sweets. It had a few interesting flavours, including the Dragon which its main ingredient was the exotic dragon fruit.

We went for a big Volcano which was consisting of chocolate flavouring,  cream and milk, banana and milo with a dollop of cream on top to finish for that "Volcano" namesake.

The ingredients are arranged and sorted into a cup then transferred onto a cold, cold stone-plate. It's a rather flat and icy plate that is at a constant refrigeration and used with utensils that chop, smash and scrape the liquid mixture onto the plate thinly and wait for the seconds to past when the mix is hardened enough for the vendor to begin rolling it!

Then you are given these bunch of iced rolls in a big cup to go ahead of nibble on. I was excited again to try it out. It was nice at first, really icy cool and quite creamy. I was worried at first that maybe the consistency could have gotten too icy or watery but it seemed fine. The Volcano was quite a chocolatey-banana flavoured mix and went by very quickly with two spoons shared between me and Ms. Helpful.

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