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Terminal 21, Bangkok

@ Terminal 21 Shopping Mall
Bangkok Thailand

Last month my recent travels have taken me to the lovely Bangkok, Thailand city. For a short while, we stayed for a week around the Sukhumvit Road which is a lively long boulevard of street life 24-7. In the day time, it is all about being a business city hub with plenty of road traffic and train lines to commute to and in the evening comes out the thai night life of good food, great shops and a bustling city vibe.

We would visit Terminal 21 quite often because it was attached to the train lines MRT Sukhumvit and the BTS line Asok so both ways are easy to travel to and fro to the large complex. The shopping mall is huge - with nine floors and a cinema up top, the place also has a theme of looking like an airport with each floor decked out as if you are travelling to a new destination every time you step up or down an escalator. 

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