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Terminal 21, Bangkok

@ Terminal 21 Shopping Mall
Bangkok Thailand

Last month my recent travels have taken me to the lovely Bangkok, Thailand city. For a short while, we stayed for a week around the Sukhumvit Road which is a lively long boulevard of street life 24-7. In the day time, it is all about being a business city hub with plenty of road traffic and train lines to commute to and in the evening comes out the thai night life of good food, great shops and a bustling city vibe.

We would visit Terminal 21 quite often because it was attached to the train lines MRT Sukhumvit and the BTS line Asok so both ways are easy to travel to and fro to the large complex. The shopping mall is huge - with nine floors and a cinema up top, the place also has a theme of looking like an airport with each floor decked out as if you are travelling to a new destination every time you step up or down an escalator. 

Cute and rather large monuments such as a big red san francisco bridge are some of the trademark decorations and on the San Fran floor it also shares a variety or food and beverage options in restaurants (some very American-influcenced including Tony Romas and a Swensens Ice Cream parlour) and the Pier 21 food court. 

Above: BBQ Pork & Duck with Rice Meal & Watermelon Juice, Thai Milk Tea and the Pier 21 reload able cash card

I quite liked the Pier 21 food court. It offered people the chance to buy from different types of food vendors using a prepaid card system which didn't cost much, at the most I think the maximum I placed onto each reload was 500 Baht (rough equivalent of $20AUD) which was plenty to buy a meal, drink and/or sweets. 

Above: Hainanese Chicken Meal Set and a Thai Milk Tea

It was the night of arrival to Bangkok and we ventured to Pier 21 for supper after checking into our hotel and wanting a bite to eat before bed. My travel buddy chose to have a freshly juiced up Watermelon drink with ice and a BBQ meats with rice dish, loaded with the sides of chilli flakes and sauces they had on offer. I opted for a chicken rice set from one of the vendors - a plate of Hainanese-style chicken which is poached chicken which I added some soy sauce condiments for accompaniment. The pieces were soft and juicy and the skin was attached. The side set meal plate offered a bowl of soup and some chicken flavoured rice. All of which I thought was quick to serve and quite eatable for a good feed for example if you lived in the area and worked or had just shopped downstairs/upstairs and wanted a bite.

For something a little bit more up-market and trendy, we were recommended Baan Ying Cafe & Meal from a friend. The cafe is an international fusion style restaurant/cafe inside the Terminal 21 mall. On a separate occasion, we had lunch at the cafe and ordered an espresso which the cafe uses the Lavazza blended coffee grains and thai milk tea (again, although admittedly I preferred the food courts tea rather than this one..) 

For starters we wanted to try the deep fried chicken salad with a cream mayonnaise sauce. It was like having popcorn bite-sized chicken with abit of chopped lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a sweet/sour chilli mayo style sauce drizzled up top. It was okay for us to share. 

 I felt like a warm broth noodle soup so I opted for the Northern thai style ramen noodles soup with braised pork. It was quite a tasty bowl of soup flavoured with aromatic spices and the meat was soft and chunky too.

Then there was Bon Chon Chicken which as you may guess from it's name sake, does some really mean deep fried Korean-style chicken. To begin, you have to obtain a ticket from an electric queue booth at the front counter which gives you a number based on how many people needed to be seated and it will announce your name/number when ready. It was a neat system although it announced in Thai so typically it was hard to know when our number was going to be called. Kindly, the waiter kept an eye on us foreigners and ushered us when the time was right for a table.

The system was otherwise simple and step by step on choices - drumsticks, thigh and/or wings and how small to large amount of pieces. They are accompanied by side dishes or coleslaw and white pickled radishes. The chicken flavours come in a garlic soy or hot and spicy style. We opted for garlic soy on each meat piece, and got the drumsticks and thigh/breasts. Drumsticks were super crunchy and the flavour is tasty. I wasn't too much a fan of the coleslaw however, as I felt it was a little too watery to my liking.

This shopping mall was a close favourite with plenty of foodie choices for you to decide upon. Definitely a great place to shop and eat at, and it became a great stopover during our trip. 

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