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Max Joy Co., NSW


Last night we went to Eastwood for a Korean dinner at the Jonga-Jip Korean BBQ Restaurant which I haven't been for many years to relive the delicious K-BBQ memories. After that, we then took the time to walk around Eastwood in search for a "something sweet" for the night.

On the other end of the road in Rowe St. area there was a bright blue and white banner that seemed to stand out from the night-time darkness. Inside is quite cheerful - it's almost like stepping into a dream land or a kids play room with the themed boy blue walls and logo, the colourful striped walls with the confectionary parlour-style decor of a young ice cream and dessert bar. Have a read of the store's concept on the left side once you've entered and taken a seat with your sweets.

The selection of the ice creams are great to look at with a rotation of flavours always changing. A lot of exotic asian flavours included the smooth Matcha green tea, the nuttier Hojicha green tea, black sesame and fruity Lychee along with your other general flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and salted caramel. I also sampled their "Pavlova" which at first glance looks like it could be passionfruit, however with a lick of the spoon you also have the chewy meringue bits lathered into the mix. 

The place has complimentary wifi and a jack at each table for a USB port charger so if you happen to have the smart phone cable you can hop on. Thought it was a good ploy to help those kids wanting to have ice cream after school but still be connected online. 

For ice creams we chose the Eastwood Granny Smith and Hojicha flavours. Each were simply amazing flavours! We also ordered the pandan and coconut waffles along with our choice of ice cream scoop along with the intriguing "Moffles" they have on the menu. Moffles is a hybrid of the mochi rice cake and waffle mixture which when we tried to eat it, you can tell the mix has a density different to a usually fluffy waffle. It was much more munchy and I had asked for it to be crispy so it was more of a rice puff - probably I should've said to have kept it softer to enjoy it more. 

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