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Maidreamin - Maid Cafe Japan


Another year, another holiday yet again to Japan.

This time it was for two weeks, travelling around Tokyo,  Kyoto and Osaka to try and explore new places to sight see.

One of my to-do's this time was to go into a Maid Cafe and see what the fuss is all about. We went to one of the stores in Akiba (Akihabara) one night during our walks around the famed Electric Town full of anime/manga city and used the lift to go up into the Maid world of 'Maidreamin' which is a common franchise of the Maid Cafes in Japan as well as being tourist-friendly. The idea of it all is to be entertained by these girls dressed in maid cosplay outfits as they do little games with you and treat you differently than what a usual cafe server would.

The girls know only a bit of English but get by to explain a few chants and phrases when we order from our Maid 'Minami', she encourages us to say "Moe, Moe, Cute!" once we have made our decision to go for a couple of cold drinks and ice-cream parfaits with our furry animal headbands that come with the package. So, here we are, a cute Aussie couple wearing bunny and bear ears whilst sipping iced lemon teas and watching the other maids float around to entertain the tourists that were amongst us.

A group of european tourists were celebrating a mothers' birthday and the maid 'Amomo' made sure that it was extra special with all the Maids gathered round for a Happy Birthday song and personally drawn some cat faces onto their egg omelette with tomato sauce at the table. Little quirks like that, along with a small disco ball and down lights for a stage "performance show" is also on offer if you buy the right package deal! The two parfaits did take a while - it could easily at least have been 45 minutes - for it to arrive. When they did, it was greeted with another saying of "Nyan, Nyan!" from our maids and that we should put our hands together to make heart shapes before eating. Memories definitely were made with the experience and at the end we got to have two photos with our maids that looked after us very well. I know Minami did her best, along with the other girls who greeted us the same during our visit.

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