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Element with William Blue - ANDREW


Head Chef, William Blue Dining Sydney

Young Chef Andrew Madden takes a moment to sit and chat about his life so far from the very beginnings of his career path towards becoming Head Chef for William Blue Dining in the Rocks, Sydney.

So how did he begin this path, you ask...?


"Hi, I'm Andrew and I am studying culinary management at William Blue. I guess I was just at home one day cooking then I thought to myself, "I could probably do this for a career." So I signed up with William Blue after that yeah. "


"When I first left I was an apprentice for Alex Herbert when I started at The Burlington, and progressed pretty quickly there so I was a chef de partie and worked up to sous chef. And I think it was probably … sorry all these moments come into my head of being yelled at. So there was … there was probably a moment that I kind of remember where I was very underprepared for service and the head chef just really let me have it and just basically told me where I could go. And that sort of said to me well I can either now put up or shut up. That’s where I sort of said to myself, "Stand on your own two feet a little bit, be a little bit more confident about that job." Yeah sort of being in the deep end, being under the pressure is probably where I found my feet more so than anything."


"Initially I kind of liked that avant garde Spanish type of thing and then I've kind of wanted to dial back a little bit and do more classic things, more classic French style stuff so I kind of guess I would say I've stayed with the European food mainly but now cooking, that’s like fashion in a way, it's constantly changing, it recycles the old and mixes up with the new and all these nuances that come up with cooking and things that you need to learn by like playing with anything really. Any ingredient I find I think sort of inspires me or it gets me to try a new way of looking at a complete dish. And if I thought I've mastered it, it wouldn’t be as exciting as it is for me I love that, everyday sort of getting in there having to challenge myself just a little bit more and to cut something just a little bit finer or those little, little things that really make a good chef a great chef. "

"It's almost that I find some sort of zen in it I would say, a lot of people would tell you it's hard and it's a difficult job and all these things but being in that sort of you know everything is against the wall that pressure, I live for it. So yeah cooking is nothing but elation for me really it's yeah …like air, you know, yeah. "

Learn more about many other young talented people just like Andrew as well as careers from the Element - Young Chef's page on William Blue - Element The Lives of Young Chefs
Photos and Interview courtesy William Blue Education 

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