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Trio Cafe, Bondi


What makes a good Saturday arvo? I like the idea of sitting down in a cafe whilst overlooking at the Bondi beach as the waves roll by,  surfers up and down the coast with abit of brunch to go with it.

Pictures do better justice than with timing as this was about in April this year, when it wasn't as chilly as this week has been. With some visitor friends of ours, we chanced upon Trio cafe on Bondi Beach to have a walk about the beach and graze on some brunch dishes from the local cafe.

A busy weekend rush with a bit of wait time, it's nice to see white sheet table tops inside the cafe and an all day breakky menu for those who like a good late sleep in like I often end up doing.

We ordered three dishes - the Mediterranean breakfast plate served with two slightly poached eggs drizzled in truffle oil along with the sides of toasted olive sourdough with butter, char-grilled haloumi slices, crispy pancetta, semi-dried tomatoes, spinach & sliced up chorizo. I don't know why but lately I've been in a good mood for haloumi I often like to bite into it's kind of munchy, chalk-like texture and enjoyed having this plate of bits and pieces.

The boss eggs were another good favourite of the table - a slice of
Potato Mille-Feuille takes the fame of this plate as it is propped lengthways with the other ingredients - baked beans, scrambled eggs with fetta & truffle oil served on sourdough toast, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. 

Unfortunately not pictured - however the table also ordered their buttermilk pancakes served with a mango and lime flavouring, strawberries and lemon curd with a good dose of maple syrup on top.

Then to drink, the table water was a large carafe of tap water infused with mint for an extra touch along with me trying out the Kombucha specialty "JIVA" Ginger blend. I'm not much of a Kombucha drinker but did enjoy the earthy, gingery blend of it in the end. 

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