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Europe Trip: London, UK


The next leg of the two-week whirlwind Euro-trip is over to London, UK.

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I was only in town for the weekend and had the usual landmarks in mind as the must see and do's sorted! Walking along the banks of the river - seeing from afar and coming up close to the London Eye, Big Ben and taking the token touristy pictures of the Big Ben and the double decker - see below!

Most days the gloomy British clouded skies kept up with not raining on us and the brisk cool weather meant layering up on the jackets and scarves. We walked about a couple of markets over the weekend and shared and tried various foods along the way whilst sightseeing.

The Broadway Market Flower Market on Columbia Road is a wonderful sight to be seen. Amongst the local flowers you see an array of gorgeous blooms and the loud chants of "Everythin' for a tenner! Take this one for a fiver!" for their flower prices. 
Pots, plants and flowers galore along with side-by-side boutiques of antiques and collections of art galleries, small businesses such as mosaic tiles, vintage clothes as well as cafes nearby.
We managed to stroll through the flowers then stumble across Cake Hole - a vintage kitchen serving up afternoon tea delights of sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam; assorted cupcakes and cakes with tea for one, herbal teas and coffee to drink. 
We opted for a cuppa and the scones of course. Beautiful scones warmed up slightly with the clotted cream generously lathered up and tart assortment of fruit jams (we chose one each of raspberry and strawberry)
With dainty tea cups and matches saucers, small teaspoons and a mismatch and vintage and gourmet kitchen supplies in the store up front this place is a wonderful hole in the wall find that if you don't look close enough - could easily miss!
We then went to the Borough Markets for some more foodie adventures. When I was visiting the Borough community was just overcoming the recent events of the terrorist attack and I commend the wonderful community for building a strong and swift comeback after the aftermath with a keep calm and move on attitude and having open hearts with supportive Borough Market foodies keep doing what they love - sharing and suppling us with delicious food!
Scotch Egg was the first thing that was on the menu to try at the market. We bought one, a good almost golf-ball sized egg coated with sausage meat thats crumbed and then deep-fried. We split one in half and went for it!
Along with ample taste testings of course - delicious cheeses and truffle oils were my faves!

The produce and the colours are amazing. I was in awe at the fruits (had somewhat of a strawberry fetish from seeing some huuuge ones in Madrid and then again in London - dunno why...?) and just wanted to see and nom it all.

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