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The Kenton Pub, UK

THE KENTON PUB: Sunday Roasts
There's something about them Sunday Roasts... 
It's a very much loved meal - so I'm told - and I had to try it out myself. We walked on in to our local pub called The Kenton Pub in East London to get this beloved dish.

Come Sunday and you'll be greeted with the mighty feast of the Sunday roast. A generous serving of roasted meats with the additional accompanying sides of yorkshire pudding, braised red cabbage, broccoli and greens steamed, carrots and potatoes all swimming amongst the rich gravy that oozing down onto the plate - which at first glance for me I thought it was a tad too much gravy on one's plate.

Amongst us three we each order a slow roasted lamb, grass fed beef and chicken to try. All the portions are heaped onto one big plate and you fill up quite quickly on the hearty meal.

Myself and my friends taking me on this Sunday tour pondered what yorkshire pudding is all about. When I first heard of the word yorkshire pudding I just thought oooh, maybe its like a custard egg tart but I am far from knowing the actual real thing until I saw it and ate it - haha.

So when I saw this huge puffy piece of pud that sat on top of everything underneath it at first I thought "Hmmm, thats one interesting mushroom cap?" but little did I know that it was actually the yorkshire pudding. Light and puffy is how I can think to describe it now - with a slight munchy, chewy centre to it that could be dipped into the brown gravy on our plates.

Want to try it out but can't buy that one way ticket to the UK as yet? I have stumbled upon a quick best sunday roast guide on Where To Tonight which seems rather useful (and tasty!)

Sydney's Guide to Best Sunday Roast

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