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Who maintains TeaThymes?

Hi my name is Sophie.
I am a local Sydneysider that has an adoration for all things tea! Join me as I take on local foodie adventures far and wide, sharing the journey on TeaThymes.com 

In 2013 I went abroad for a life changing adventure to live overseas in the USA & was writing whilst overseas during my time in Florida featuring Walt Disney World dining experiences. It was a wonderful year of magic and fantastic food!  Read my USA trip-related posts.

All of the Photography and reviews are maintained by me (a small percentage from stock or other helpful resources with credit). See my online portfolio.

I usually don't eat out alone! Here's some people that you might often see in posts by a special nickname I've attributed to them.

My family; Mrs Helpful & Mr Chatterbox are my parentsMr Tickle is my brother. You'll see them amongst posts when I am dining out with family.

Miss Sunshine is my BFF.She's often with me on the regular visits to local cafes, new restaurants and bars when we go out. She's also such a great helper with ideas, suggestions to eat at and does dabble in taking some food shots for me off my camera - so thank you Miss Sunshine for being there!   
Miss Naughty & Miss Giggles shared the same magical Disney journey that Sophie took during her stay overseas in the USA. Whenever Sophie goes to visit New Zealand, these girls are usually around too.

Ms K. FlatWhite is a budding Sydney food blogger and photography enthusiast. We often go to cafes and swap our class notes over cakes and coffee. She's also an excellent cook who finds marvelous food recipes and shares them for all to see, try and adore on her own blog! Check her out today.

  Mr. Bump is a cheeky and fun boy who absolutely loves to have pancakes. Apart from being clumsy and telling silly jokes to Sophie all the time, he is always happy to discover new sweet cafes along the way with her.

 NB: All the nicknames are allocated for my guests for personification and anonymity reasons. Character "Miss and Mr.'s" are copyright of Roger Hargreaves' series of Little Miss and Mr Men. TeaThymes.com has no affiliation whatsoever and does not profit whatsoever from these names.

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